Invest in a blockchain lottery

Invest in a blockchain lottery

Fun Lattery has a TRC20 token, and we use this token for our investors. to buy each of our cryptocurrency you must pay $0.5 at any time until the end of the investment ceiling. And earn 50% profit annually for it. You can also withdraw your profit every 7 days through this page.

  • No authentication
  • No tax deduction
  • No limit on the amount of investment
  • Receive participation profit every 7 days (through current page)

1 "Lat" Token = 0.5 USDT

Guaranteed Annual Profit

50 %

How to participate

To participate, all you have to do is transfer your desired amount in "USDT" or "TRX" currency to the coefficient amount to the following wallet address and the system will deposit the equivalent in less than 24 hours as a "LAT" token for you.
Note that your profit and principal will only be refunded to the wallet with which you make the transfer.

Wallet Address (TRC-20): TYtLEbt187H7WChLR1nPZMdpo3HkbCTPdZ