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More about fun lottery

Our lottery service is a completely online service based on blockchain, so all transactions can be tracked and will have the highest level of transparency and security. Also, you can participate and win completely anonymously.

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  1. How buy lottery by cryptocurrency1

    1. Buy Ticket

    For buy ticket Just choose your ticket numbers or use our automatically selection service.

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  2. Checkout Lottery Ticket2

    2. Payment

    You can use the currencies supported by us such as: BTC, ETH, TRX, LTC, USDT, etc to checkout.

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  3. Blockchain Lottery System3

    3. Private Key

    Write down the private key provided & wait for the draw day. Your prize can only be withdrawn with the private key.

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  • Buy Lottery Ticket With Bitcoin
  • Buy Lottery Ticket With Ethereum
  • Buy Lottery Ticket With Tether
  • Buy Lottery Ticket With Tron
  • Buy Lottery Ticket With Litecoin

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Features of Lottery with Cryptocurrency

Participating in the lottery with the crypto currency has many advantages over the old lottery systems, the most important of which we describe to you below: 100% transparency in the amount of payments and withdrawals, decentralization, anonymity are the most important of these advantages.

Lottery with CryptocurrencyLottery with Cryptocurrency
  • Global Lottery Coverage

    Global Lottery Coverage

    The lottery service covers all of the world and you can participate in our big lottery anywhere in the world and win a special lottery prize.

  • Decentralized Lottery


    Using the blockchain service and smart contracts, we have developed a decentralized lottery with the highest security.

  • Highest Transparency

    Highest Transparency

    With availability of the our wallets address in the live dashboard section and display of all transactions, the maximum of lottery transparency has been created.

  • Highest Security

    Highest Security

    We hold all lottery draws live on YouTube channel and Instagram Live. Also, due to the use of smart contracts, we will have the highest level of security in paying the amount and identifying the winner.

  • Speed in Pony

    Speed in Pony

    To due on the structure of the Chinese blockchain, you can transfer your money to your blockchain wallet on the same day after the winners are announced.

  • Anonymity


    None of our users from all over the world will need to authenticate on site to purchase a lottery ticket or withdraw their prizes.

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